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Storytelling Photography

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Symmetry of Doughts -Story "Symmetry of Doubts - Searching for the Way to Go" - teaser video accompanying the 10-image-photographic story.  Eva's mind is full of doubts. Reflecting her professional career, her thoughts are touching her time as a worker, but also as the boss of the company. In the end, Eva keeps wondering which is HER way...
Graffiti Lady

Story Gothic Fries...

Have you ever thought about what might happen if somebody really unfamiliar with our culture would jump right into it?
Wuldn't it be shocking?
Even more if this somebody would be a creature from another dimension, another world, maybe a dark angel acting as a messenger transmitting announcements of severe consequences to deporable recipients - the death's messenger?
And, imagine, this dark angel, proud and strong and serious, would have been sent to our world to pass such a bad message on to a marketing manager responsible for a huge fast food enterprise. And this marketing person would talk rubbish on our dark angel, finally making her flee from him - and, on the occasion - palm a paper bag with a large "super happy value menue" off on her.
Do you think, the dark angel would ever return?

And, what do you think, would happen, if the dark angel, arrived back in the underworld, would sit down at a table and would try to figure out what the hell this is in her paper bag? Now, let's try to find out!



Desparate Search (Video)...

Desparate Search (selected images)...